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Thread: Selling un-used M4's! Need gone before thursday!!!

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    Selling un-used M4's! Need gone before thursday!!!

    First off, I'm selling these guns guns because I need money for this weekend. I'm going up to Loring AFB for a two-day autocross event and money fast. That being said i'm willing to drive just about anywhere to sell these as long as you work with me.

    First gun:
    KWA M4 140$ obo - This is a great beginners gun but could also be a great base gun for a project. I've shot about 150 BB's through it and shoots extremely well for the price I paid for it. I bought this brand new off through a mystery box. For those who don't know a mystery box is when you spend a specific amount of money (169.99$) and then they send you a random gun from the list of guns they put up. The gun shoots 330-350 fps with .28g BBs. Unfortunately the gun did not come with a battery which sucks because all of my batteries are wired to deans. By the way the gun is wired to tamiya connection. The gun will come in the original box and comes with a KWA mid cap that came with the gun.
    KWA VM4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun ( Black / Version 2.5 )

    Second gun:
    Golden Eagle w/ 15' Keymod rail 170$ obo -
    This gun is as close as being my dream gun as I've gotten. I've always loved the look of DMR's such as the SR-25 or really just any long barreled M4/M16. But anyway i literally just bought this off of and it looks amazing. I wouldn't be selling it if it had been delivered on time (before D-day) but airsoft mega store sucks and it came in today. So basically I can't use it for a couple weeks and I need money so even though I already love her... I need money :'( Anyways the gun has a 15 inch keymod rail with a 16 inch inner barrel (407mm). It says it shoots 420fps (lel) with .20g bbs. The gun is rear wired to Tamiya connection. It will also come with all of the packaging that airsoftmegastore gave me such as the box and a rifle bag. It also comes with a high cap they sent with the gun that I have yet to open.

    If you have any question please feel free to DM on here or email me at:

    Like I said I need this stuff gone so please throw so prices at me

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    I'd throw out an offer on the KWA as a loaner gun for friends but I'm tapped out on funds until after Copperhead.
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