Im trying to sell a whole bunch of crap from guns to a few uniforms.

AEG SVD, Classic Army. It has be used a couple times, has a SVD scope already. The scope is a little banged up and the illumination does not work. Looking for around $200 hundred, scope included.

AGM MP40, used. Have seven mags for it and the MP40 pouches that go with it. Looking for $120 for the lot, $100 for the gun and seven mags.

AGM STG44, used. Have a couple of hi cap mags and looking for $140 for it plus all the mags.

PPSH-41, used. The gun works but is stuck in semi, have another ppsh body and two round drums one goes with the gun and the other is from the other gun. Will give the gun and the other stuff from the other ppsh for $180.

Might end up selling my G&G Kar98k, i have both green gas and CO2 mags for it, I also have the scope for it. Need to take it apart and clean/ make any repairs to it. If i sell it i want it for $450. It includes all the mags and scope.


I have one Medium size Flecktarn Uniform that has been used. Im looking for $50 bucks for it.

I also have a reproduction WWII Fallschrimjager uniform. I want at least $800 for it, it cost me a thousand when i got it. I have the field tunic with correct enlisted insignia, also have the fallschrimjager jump pants and Splinter jump smock, as well as the helmet and jump boots second model. Will throw in the one Kar98 pouch and MP40 pouches as well as field gear for this sale.

If any of you are interested please PM me or email me at and use the subject as : buy, sell, trade.
Willing to trade guns for guns, but im looking for MP5s or G36's as well as Kalashnikov weapons such as AKS-74u, AK-74.