Welcome! Whether you have been around the community for a while, are coming back after a few years off, or are just finding your way here, we'd love to have you.

    email cobalt@neasg.org, savage@neasg.org or kirtap@neasg.org and we can reactivate your old account. If you have made a new account, we can meld your old info into your new one so your post count and join date remains accurate.

    NEW MEMBERS (updated naming policy)

    Ideally, we prefer if your screen name matches what people call you on the field and/or what your name is on other forums. this makes it easier for you to be recognized, trusted, and otherwise meet up with people on the field and vice versa. However, there are already a number of Ghosts, tigers, bears, AK47s, M4, Rangers, seals, deltas, hawkeyes, snipers, etc.

    1) please choose a name that does not contain a rank you have not personally earned in service to this country.

    2) please avoid names that tie you to service within a unit or possessing a skill tab you have not earned in service to your country.* (ex- ranger, sniper, sapper, etc)

    *you may privately be asked for proof. A warning for those who want to come here and pretend you are something you are not, don't try it. Connected service members may call out your DD214 in private to verify outrageous or suspicious claims. No stolen valor drama here please)

    3) please choose a name that is not a piece of equipment or a weapon. (original holders are grandfathered in)

    3) if the name you want is taken, we will not delete the original user of that name, so please do not ask.

    if "COOLGUY" is taken already, but you are known elsewhere as "COOLGUY"
    You CAN however-

    add a state designator
    add a team designator

    thank you for your understanding. Airsoft has been around these parts for some time now- going back to 1999 and before. Many people come and go, and out of respect for those who came before you and who may return we ask that you carefully choose a reaslistic callsign people call you already (No one calls you BIGSWINGING****, or DELTAELITESEALSMAN, so don't bother since you are not impressing anyone) in person and or online elsewhere that is as dissimilar to existing names as possible.

    If you would like to change your name, please email cobalt@neasg.org, savage@neasg.org or kirtap@neasg.org

    thank you, and welcome!