Welcome friend to the North Eastern Air Soft Group,

    NEASG.org, (pronounced "knee-sag")

    "Since 1997, the North Eastern Air Soft Group promotes safe, fun, and honorable use of airsoft weapons at all levels of involvement, from the Backyard to the Battlefield."

    We are a friendly resource for players, teams, retailers, and fields of all levels of involvement in the northeast.

    All players are welcome here. We offer literally hundreds of collective man-years of experience. If you are new to airsoft, you probably did not know anything like this existed, and thats cool- we all started there at some point. Because thats the case, we all had the same questions and wondered about the same things when we started- how to save money and get the best value, which gun or gear was best, where to play- those concerns and more are answered here. Please, come in, read up, search around, introduce yourself or your team, join the tradition and participate. We are here to learn, share, and grow.

    Rules- (respect)
    All are welcome here, but before you post please know that the first amendment stops at this gate. We prefer to not police the web if we don't have to, but we must inform you that since everyone here is allowed, we have to set some minimal common sense ground rules.

    Please choose a unique name. If a name you use in other boards or in games is taken, please amend your name here out of respect for those who came before you. Many times, the older players come back, so we are not giving you their names.

    "Chooby" is already taken, but has not logged in in 3 years.
    you like the name "Chooby"

    clarify your name like this-
    Chooby-NH, Chooby-TEAM NAME, etc.

    Please DO NOT do this-
    XXchoobyXX, ch00by, etc.

    If you want to change your name, contact any of our moderator staff and they will change it for you. Please refrain from starting new accounts. Players are only allowed one account at a time, and instances of multiple accounts are reason for banning.

    Using the Boards-

    Please make sure to check where you are posting. The forum sections are organized for ease of navigation and so that your questions will go to the right people.

    Please use specific thread topics. The topic of your thread should let the reader know what the thread is about. Mods have full authority to re-title threads, but we would rather you took care of this yourself.

    If you want to tell someone to do a search, you must also provide an answer to their question. If you cannot, then do not post on the topic.

    1) be respectful in your language and posts. keep it relatively family friendly. Your team may get mad kills, but this is not the place for trash talk and you wont be impressing anyone. Please try to avoid excessive use of harsh language. Mods have the power to edit/delete anything that is deemed inappropriate. Racist/Sexist/Abusive language is not tolerated.

    2) leave the drama at home.

    3) avoid politics, religion, and other unrelated-to-airsoft and unnecessarily divisive topics. You're probably right, but this is not the place.
    4) anything we left out-
    At the NEASG, we promote a player-culture of safety, honor, knowledge, and professionalism. bad attitudes, dangerous practices, dishonest play, and the like are punishable by bannination. Anyone caught cheating runs the risk of being black listed throughout the region after careful review by NEASG staff. If we left something out or change policies, these events will be posted in the appropriate forum publicly in advance and will fall in line with our mission statement's values.

    Have fun! Everyone is here because we share a common interest in airsoft. Let's remember that we're not here to make enemies. The success of the boards rests in its users. Please take advantage of this forum as an opportunity to learn and share new information.
    Please enjoy your stay, and we look forward to seeing you on the field!